Paul’s story

I want to thank Ktis and Life 97.3 in Duluth for being in our region. We are very blessed to have this station in our region. I was saved at age 17, went 2 years to a Bible College, got married and have raised 3 children in a Christian home listening to these radio stations mostly in our vehicles. The Lord Jesus put a desire in my heart at a young age to study God’s word, pray daily and to listen and sing Christian music. The Lord has blessed my life with about 7 years if Sunday School teaching, about 16 years of being a church worship leader and about 20 years of being in the position of Eldership in my local church. I really appreciate your music and thank God for His music that has touched the lives of my family, church and friends through the 43 years that I have been listening to the music on these fine stations. These radio stations have been in my prayers for many years and I look forward to many more years to come. God bless all of you in all of your many endeavors!