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Trevor’s story

In 2018 I was in an accident. I died from smoke inhalation and I was burnt from the waist up. I fell asleep from the smoke cuz I was trapped in the garage and couldn’t get out.

Jesus saved my life. He held me up. I saw myself walk to the garage door opener that didn’t work and push the button. I was screaming at myself the whole time not to do it because I wasn’t going to get to go to heaven right then. I knew it if I pushed that button I had to wait, but I wasn’t in control. The garage door cracked open and the backdraft blew me through the rest of the garage door.

I was blind and angry after that,  because He left me here like this after showing me so much. I couldn’t figure out why I hated Him for years. I ended up in prison where I gave up.

You turned my will over. I spent the next two years listening to the Bible and KTIS because I couldn’t watchTV or play cards – none of those things people do in there. I was all alone except for Jesus.

I ended up in the hospital, and I couldn’t understand why things were getting worse instead of better. In the hospital, the guys that were watching me talked to me about these things, and when we got back to prison, my life changed.

Now three years later, I’ve got my daughter back in my life. I can see a life for me that’s better than the one I ever could have dreamed thanks to Jesus.

I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for your station, and Ann Wilson’s song “let me tell you about my Jesus” was on the radio the day that I got a radio 6 months after having nothing at all. I haven’t stopped listening since. Everyday, all day long. I love you guys. Thank you so much.