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Caden’s story

I have been delivering packages for Amazon for about 8 months and have grown weary and bitter about the job. Lately God has opened Himself up to me through podcasts, sermons, and tonight by your radio station. I’m so grateful for the times the radio host speaks even the smallest of words. Thank you.

I was really just at a point where the bitterness got so strong I was crying out to God: “I can’t do this”. When the woman hosting said something like this: “God knows your hopes, your dreams. You might not be where you wanted to be or expected to be right now but God has good plans and it will happen in His timing. So keep on trusting, keep on praying.” Something like that. And man I just laughed.

And then this song played and it was “Desert road” by Casting Crowns and Cain. It’s been a wilderness of waiting. The words “I don’t want this desert road, are you sure this is the plan you have for me?” And “I don’t know where this is going , but I know who holds my hand.” Hit me and, you know what? I laughed again.

But this time I remembered that I’ve been reading/listening to Isaiah 41:13 and it says: ”For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.“ The timing of all of that not to mention the radio host’s story of the tornado.. basically she had a feeling to get off the highway and she could have listened to her friend but instead got off and a tornado ripped through the highway and people died that day there. But she listened and was safe.

What I got from tonight was that God hears me. And I’m profoundly impacted because she spoke up. Thank you and bless you.‭