View of the lake at sunset

August sunset

Keith Stevens
Keith Stevens

The late August sunset is cascading over the water tonight – painting the western sky pure gold and crimson red, as it always does during these last two weeks of August. If you know me, or listen to my show, you’re aware of my love of going “Up North” during this time of the year.

I’ve noticed that these are the most consistently sunny, tranquil, warm, and spectacular summer days of all. By the time you get to late August, it’s a far different summer, than that of June or July.

Summer is still going strong up north in late August, and, in a way, it has finally settled in.

Sunny, crisp, and cool mornings. Waking up to the fog rising off the water, and the warm, sunny, late August days are a gift to unwrap each morning. No severe weather, no windy days, no rain poncho.

Something changes once the calendar reaches late August. There’s a peace. A calm. You can lay on the dock at night until 1am without being carried away by mosquitoes. The last 14 days of the month provide warm water, consistent sunshine, calm lakes, little wind (perfect for canoeing & fishing), huge topwater bass, and massive deep water walleye.

You sleep at night with the windows open and hear the first crickets of the season as they bring back memories of “back to school” with the anticipation of finding out which friends are in your classes and which teachers you’ll have. Going back to school in August was unthinkable. We’re so glad to still live in traditional communities where they wait until after Labor Day.

Summer’s freedom is still alive and well – giving us the best show ever, timeless memories, the warmth of the sun, 54 degree nights and 80 degree days. Low humidity. Late August never ceases to amaze us during these much anticipated days of the “August 20’s” and beyond.

And true to form, this photo was taken at the end of this perfect summer day; August 25th, 2022.

I stepped outside at 4am, with everyone asleep and quiet, and looked up at the stars against the velvet black sky. I always become like a little kid in wonder each time I see the night sky.

Then, I thought of you, Sue.

I hope you heard me when I said “hello.” The brightest star of all shined in my eyes and I thought, “you are smiling at me.” Your star shines brightly in my little screen porch here, near the edge of the lake.

And my mom who’s in heaven too, you are always close to me here. I feel your love and care even though you’re gone.

This soft summer night, and these warm, amazing days. God’s late August perfection.

– Keith Stevens