A group of very different smiling people

When Miss Linda was about to be evicted, the community stepped in to help

Andy Youso
Andy Youso

Every neighborhood has that one person that everyone knows and loves, and no one can imagine how the area would exist without that special person.

In the Powderhorn Community of Minneapolis, that person is ‘Miss Linda’!

Unfortunately, Miss Linda thought she might have to move after 19 years in her neighborhood. She had been renting her house and the owners had decided to sell.

Miss Linda’s neighbors jumped into action. They convinced the owner of the house to go ahead and sell, but only to Miss Linda. Unfortunately, Miss Linda could not afford to buy the house. Her neighbors did not give up and donations started rolling in.

Miss Linda was able to sign the papers and close on her house.

Now, Miss Linda will never have to leave the community that she loves and that clearly loves her back!

Home truly is where the heart is!

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