The hand that holds three letters and puts them inside the letterbox

This mailman saved a life when disaster struck

Andy Youso
Andy Youso

Often, we want our schedule to run the way that we think is best; not realizing that God might have a different plan.

Mail carrier, Chris, was trying to finish his route and get home to spend time with his family. He had experienced several delays during the day, so he was running late.

As Chris was putting mail into one of his last houses, he heard a loud noises come from the house next door. It sounded like someone in distress!

Chris ran over, looked in a window and saw a man, Mike, on the floor of the kitchen. Chris went in. He was trained in CPR and began immediately! After two terrifying minutes, Mike’s eyes opened and he began breathing on his own.

Mike is so thankful for Chris jumping into action. Mike can see his grandkids again and he has a new lease on life!

Chris and Mike now understand that sometimes delays are truly divine appointments!

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