Three people holding hands above the table

Daughter’s Mind and Heart to be Protected

Daughter's Mind and Heart to be Protected. Lord, thank YOU for YOUR Blessings here. Please pray for my daughter to do her very best in school and finish well these last days. For her to enjoy being there with friends. Please pray that she will be able to catch up on all of the work that has missed when she was absent or on snow days and mental health days. She can be very shy and avoid conversations. Please pray her teachers would approach her if necessary. Please pray that she will really try to do her best this extra season for her, which will be ending soon now. Lord, please break any generational curses that may have allowed a lying spirit to try to take root in her heart, spirit and soul. Lord, I just pray it will be completely rooted out completely and sent to the dry wastelands never to return and prosper anymore anywhere else. Pray for her to be led to youth group with her friends. Lord, please help her to make good decisions. Lord Jesus, please keep her safe while driving. Please pray she will be protected from any negativity from anyone, so that her heart and mind, her eyes and ears, and body and soul will be protected in school and in home. I J N amen