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Triple Espresso

Address: Plymouth Playhouse: 2705 Annapolis Lane N. Plymouth, MN 55441

Hilarious, family-friendly comedy

Triple Espresso is a hilarious, family-friendly comedy that is the longest-running show in Minnesota history (running continuously from 1996 until 2008 at the Music Box Theatre).

This three-man 90-minute show has entertained over 2 million people in over 50 cities in 6 countries. Triple Espresso has been translated into three languages and continuously ran in Minneapolis and San Diego for over a decade.

So, what’s it about?

Triple Espresso tells the story of three guys whose bid for showbiz fame and fortune ended in four minutes of magnificent failure on national television. Hugh Butternut, Buzz Maxwell, and Bobby Bean tell their rags-to-rags story earnestly, with hysterical results.

Butternut is a musician, a vulnerable soul with a lounge lizard smile; Maxwell is an uncertain magician with an attitude; and Bean is an irrepressible, all-over-the-map entertainer with big dreams.

The laughter is infectious, and the comedy appeals to everyone from first graders to college students to baby boomers.

Playing at the Plymouth Playhouse July 12 –August 11

Enjoy this heart-warming, hilarious, highly-caffeinated comedy—and bring the whole family!

The Plymouth Playhouse began when Curt Carlson and Old Log Theatre’s Don Stolz kicked off a legacy of theater productions in January, 1974.